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181 Roma Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

Associazione Sportiva Roma commonly referred to as simply was founded by a merger in 1927, Roma have participated in the top-tier of Italian football for all of their existence but one season in the early 50s (Serie B 1951-52).

365 Roma Fans Top Fanchant Of Roma Плейлист
459 Ale Ale Roma Ale Roma South Tier Плейлист
568 A.S. Roma Classic Fanchant Of Roma Плейлист
699 Come on Roma Ale The Yellow And Red Never Stop Chanting Плейлист
798 The Loyals The Roma Supporters Are Always Present... Плейлист
881 Roma Ale Classic Fanchant Of Roma Плейлист
955 And the Lazio A Fanchant Against Lazio Плейлист
975 Give Me Three Points Do Not Ask Me Nothing Плейлист
1007 Hey Come on Roma Top Fanchant Of Roma Плейлист
1009 Lazio... A Fanchant Against Lazio Плейлист
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1171 Yellow and Red Roma Is Coming, Better Run Away From The Best Team Ever Плейлист
1308 From Inter A Fanchant Against Inter Плейлист
3302 We Drive Kilometres We, As Roma Supporters, Will Always Follow It, No Matter What Happens Плейлист
3543 Roma Deep in My Heart Roma Supporters Know How To Show Their Love To The Team And Lead It To The Victory Плейлист
4172 Roma! The Sud Sector Chant For Roma Плейлист
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